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FabLab InnovationGym
FabLab InnovationGym

FabLab InnovationGym

Kit: Cut is a research project aimed at the world of culture and training to foster the contamination between traditional and non-traditional discipline. It aims to enhance the creative, digital, manual and fundamental design skills in the holistic learning process. The idea is to adopt customizable models based on the activity that each trainer wants to experience from time to time and that enrich the original idea, according to the approach of sharing knowledge economy: from files to customize tools multidisciplinary didactics to files for functional and intelligent furnishings. In this way, the teacher and the pupils work together to create an educational path, stimulating the children. Learning begins during the implementation phase, giving the possibility to modify and collaborate with the idea.
KIT: CUT is a format that contains several projects dedicated to school design and digital learning paths: Fold, School Board, Mini InnovationGym, Laser Book, Enjoy board, Robot with emotions, Storytelling with stopmotion.

FabLab InnovationGym

FabLab innovationGym

Fablab InnovationGym is part of the Phyrtual Innovation Gym which is a physical-virtual environment for innovation and education for life. It is a gym for experiential learning and the practice of innovation in all its expressions: technological, social and civic innovation. It is a space open to the territory, to the world of schools, to businesses, to universities, which has as its heart the young. It is a meeting place between old and new professions where the language of manufacture (traditional and digital), experimentation and creativity are spoken to stimulate professional growth, self-entrepreneurship and exercise the skills of the 21st century. The Innovation Gym is a strategic model for the development of education, new professions and self-awareness, because it is the place where education for life is tested (knowledge, skills and values), open practice is practiced innovation and change is planned according to the principles of social and technological innovation to respond to the crucial challenges of the 21st century, starting from the emergence of youth unemployment, school dispersal and the phenomenon of the Neet.
With Ilaria La Manna, one of the co-founders of Fab Lat Kid, responsible for the development of the FAB LAT KIDS program, in Italy and in other cities of Europe and Asia and collaborator of Fablab InnovationGym and with Matteo Viscogliosi, head of FabLab InnovationGym we will tell, with our projects, the training experiences developed in the laboratories to bring the world of the school closer together and not just a creative and stimulating approach.

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