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Arduino IDE is the go-to solution when you face the Arduino world for the first time: as soon as you get acquainted though it shows its limitations.
Eclipse, on the other hand, it's an advanced software development platform for practically all major programming languages,

The Sloeber team has realized an Eclipse plugin integrating toolchain support for multiple platforms, including Arduino ESP8266 and Teensy.
We'll introduce you Sloeber's prominent features through practical firmware development examples.


Jan Baeyens, Roberto Lo Giacco

Roberto Lo Giacco: Agilist, Software Developer, Open Source enthusiast and Hobbist Maker.
Born as a software developer, has met the first personal computer at the age of 5: just for gaming, but it didn't take much before the curiosity brought him into programming. The god-like power of commanding something and seeing it executed has been often frustrated by crashes and failures, but that didn't pull him out. Later on, he fell in love with the open source world thankfully to GNU/Linux: a mysterious, CLI based world where you had to compile your own operating system? That's a programmer's heaven! He runs his own startup for a few years but then decided it was time for a different experience: agile and behavior driven development was the turnaround, showing him what could lie beyond the curtain of project management and contract base relationships.
Electronics, microcontrollers and making stuff, in general, is just a hobby, but a very nerdish one!

  E19 (pav. 8) - AgileWare

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