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Yellow Printer 138
Yellow Printer 138

Yellow Printer 138

Yellow Printer 138 is a 3D printing machine for “bigger” and "larger" objects and projects.
The printing volume of 500mm x 600mm in height is obtained with very common commercial components in order to make the machine easily replicable in laboratories and schools:
Yellow Printer 138 is open hardware!
The high stiffness is obtained through 4040 profiles in anodized aluminum: the movement is driven by a DuetWifi board that moves the trolleys on ball screw linear guides to obtain precision and accuracy, unreacheable classic toothed belt systems.

The printer can also become a milling machine, a pick 'n' place machine, a printer for clay or chocolate: its versatility makes it possible to imagine it in technical studies, laboratories and schools.
The project is going to be incubated inside school's fablab (www.pomlab.it) with the aim to go to market as soon as possible.

So ...
Yellow Printer 138: Ever thought that a 3D printer could be ... yellow?

Yellow Printer 138

Yellow Printer 138 group @ IIS G. Vallauri

Alex and Mattia are students from IIS G. Vallauri: they love 3D printing since they first meet inside school laboratory and books and POMLab (school's fablab).
They wanted a bigger 3D printer, for bigger 3D prints.
Now they think the machine is good, next step will be to sell it!

  A11 (pav. 9) - IIS G. Vallauri - Fossano (CU)

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