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Textile sensors for plant lymph monitoring

An innovative biochemical sensor based on functionalized textile fiber has been used to monitor the physiology of plants. By a direct and low invasive interaction with the plant, the properties of plant lymph have been monitored. Circadian cycle, hydric stress, nutrition, and other parameters could be constantly monitored. This allows to optimize plant hydration, nutritional amount and pathological situations. This detailed non-disruptive control of the plant state is of paramount importance in precision agriculture and to reduce the effect of climate change.

Textile sensors for plant lymph monitoring

Nicola Coppedè, Andrea Zappettini, Miche la Janni

Nicola Coppedè graduated in Physics at the University of Pisa and he obtained the PhD degree in Physics at the University of Trento. He has been selected in Calmed Spin off University Magna Graecia Catanzaro in 2007 in the surface properties of biomedical sensing devices. He was winner of a permanent position as researcher in IMEM CNR Parma in 2012. His research activity focuses on organic biosensors, in particular on textile substrates, for biomedical and physiological applications. He developed innovative device on textile dedicated to the monitoring of human physiological fluids. He is expert of the material functionalization with organic, metal oxide and nanohybrid materials. He is also expert in the preparation and characterization of the devices on different functional substrates (textile, porous polymer, carbon fiber). He published more

  D2 (pav. 5) - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

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