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Sintetizzatore Braille
Sintetizzatore Braille

Sintetizzatore Braille

In our everyday life we don’t mind at many small things, one of them is how many times we interact with other people. It would be difficult to imagine to don’t have ears and eyes and live with those disadvantages. But for someone it’s his normality, nothing special or too difficult. I’m not talking about a hundred people, i’m talking about 189 thousand people only in Italy. When we heard about that we thought that out idea would be useful to improve their life.
So we made an app and a Braille display with the objective of listen a speech and write it down in Braille. In this way a blind-deaf can read the text thanks his touch.

For archive this result we use two main technologies: the first one is Google speech-to-text API and the second one is piezoelectric actuators used for moving the pins.

Google provides us with speech-to-text recognition in every modern smartphone and is capable to hear an audio and understand the words in it. This technology is embedded in our application and provides the text for our display.

Brille is a made by an alphabet made by dot. They are enclosed in a 2x4 rectangle (or 2x3 in other cases). This dots are pulled up by this piezoelectric actuators and in certain combination they make letters and numbers. This technology was chosen because his speed and compactness.

The whole thing is enclosed in a 3D printed case with a PCB printed by photogravure. This keep our wiring compact and solid. Our application use bluetooth to communicate with the display.

Sintetizzatore Braille

ITS Meccatronico Veneto

Siamo partiti in 5 come tesi per i nostri 2 anni di studio ora a portare avanti l'idea siamo rimasti in 2.
Giovanni Della Piana: Tecnico meccanico, 21 anni
Matteo Ballan: Software developer, 21 anni

  B11 (pav. 9) - ITS Academy Meccatronico Veneto - sede di Vicenza

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