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Bio-occhiali  Seiza
Bio-occhiali  Seiza

Bio-occhiali Seiza

Prevention, rehabilitation and self-care instrument for visual, postural and balance functions, allow to maintain the natural movement and beating of the eyes, which is destabilized by the use of video terminals, preventing the onset of visual disturbances
A daily use of at least 15 minutes and 3 hours, reactivates the visual function, gradually used even all hours of use of the PC, tablet or smartphone protect from damage and fatigue caused by video terminals. Worn by making oscillating body movements they release the muscle chains of eyes, neck and back that are connected to each other, thus preventing damage to the sedentariness of modern life.

Bio-occhiali  Seiza

Caterina Polini

Interior designer for 12 years in the eco / bio field
Yoga teacher for 24 years
Teacher Bates method 16 years
Artisan of well-being, creative, makers for more than 30 years
Author of a book, almost two

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