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ReStart4Smart is the project of a real scale Smart Home prototype by Team of Sapienza University of Rome competing in Solar Decathlon Middle East 2108.
The innovative house prototype, built entirely in engineered wood, intends to be the model for the house of the future in order to create a sustainable home that can meet the many needs of efficiency, comfort, safety, and affordability of the 21st century architecture.
By leveraging digital modeling (BIM), mixed reality and 3D printing, the project balances typological, constructive and technological aspects, focusing on design and innovative materials, renewable sources and ultimate generation home automation.


Team Sapienza SDME

We are a multidisciplinary University Team composed by over 50 of the best enrolled undergraduate, PhDs, and Master’s students from the three Faculties of Architecture, of Civil and Industrial Engineering and of Political Sciences, Sociology, and Communication of SAPIENZA University of Rome, coordinated and supported by key Faculty members, and lead by Faculty Advisor and Project Manager Prof. Marco Casini.
Our approach is based on multidisciplinary skills and teamwork in order to enjoy the competition and stimulate innovation, research and communication capacity through a comprehensive and creative way of thinking.
Team members are organized in 5 main focus groups according to the goals of the project and the Solar Decathlon contests: Smart Shape, Smart Envelope, Smart Systems, Smart People, and Communication.

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