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Sistema di costruzione innovativo SpeedyBRICK®

SpeedyBRICK® is an innovative construction system, with international patent, based on the only mechanical assembly of modular elements that can be produced with a wide variety of materials, from wood in all its forms to plastic materials, including recycled materials, cement mixes and composite materials. The buildings are anti-seismic as they are reinforced in steel, crossed by cable ducts for the simplified installation of all the plant and reversible can be dismantled with the complete recovery of the modules used.

Sistema di costruzione innovativo SpeedyBRICK®

Ing. Flavio Lanese

Born in Aosta on June 16, 1959, after the Scientific High School I enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Degree course at the Turin Polytechnic. During my university studies I cultivated my passion for cinematography by making two Super 8 film documentaries, one on kayaking along the Dora Baltea and one on the hang gliding flight in Valle d'Aosta, which were broadcast by RAI. For the film on the kayak I designed and built a waterproof case for the camera that allowed the creation of unprecedented underwater scenes. After obtaining my degree in 1984, after the military service in the Alpini, I started the activity of freelance engineer but in parallel formed the Filmaker Produzioni, the first audiovisual production company in Valle d'Aosta. From 1998 to 2012 I stopped my entrepreneurial and freelance business to fill the position of manager in the field of new information technologies at the Valle d'Aosta Regional Administration. As part of this activity, I started the Region website and managed the creation of the first web services for the citizens of the VdA. In 2015 I obtained the international patent for the innovative SpeedyBRICK construction system with which I won the StartCup award of the Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta regions with the Turin Polytechnic. In 2016 I set up the innovative Start Up ReWallution for the development of the SpeedyBRICK system. Since 2011 I am married to Carla who supports me (and bears me) in my technical-creative activities as well as in those of service in social voluntary work.

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