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In my project I reproduced a heated footbed to be used in winter. I created a shoe sole that can provide warmth and comfort to people who work outdoors in winter or to use in the mountains for skiing or for any sporting activity.
First I designed the electrical circuit on a multimedia CAD, from there I made the PCB or the printed circuit to interconnect the various components. After making the circuit on the board I soldered the various components I previously designed. Then I connected the card to the footbed and I created an APP to turn the device on and off.


Sassetti Matilde V B Elettronica e Robotica, della scuola IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena

Matilde Sassetti is a graduating student of the Electronic and Robotic Specialization at the high school Tito Sarrocchi of Siena.
In the last three years he has developed various robots that competed in national events such as Robofesta in Pisa, Maker Faire 2016 in Rome, and the national final of RobocupJR in Foligno in 2017.
Matilde would like to enroll in the faculty of Engineering next year.

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