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TV Smart Timer

A concern that parents have to face every day, is to set a limit to the time spent by their children watching television. The Smart TV timer would propose as a possible solution to this problem. The TV Smart Timer, is designed to be easy to use, both for children and parents. The kid got a certain amount time available set up by his dad or mom and he can handle it as he likes during the day. When the child wants to watch TV he presses a big red button, which powers on the TV and starts the timer. When lacks less than one hour, the device's display starts blinking slowly, so the child can decide what to do with the remaining time. Pressing the button again stops the timer and the TV turns off. In this way, kids learn to manage they "TV time" and parents are confident that the time set up won't be exceeded. The Smart timer has an internal clock that at the end of the day resets the available time to the initial duration. The parent accesses the timer settings in a very easy way. In the same way, the timer is disabled and the TV is always powered on, so that the big ones can watch TV without ... time limits.

TV Smart Timer

Giuseppe Torino

Graduated in electronics engineering, enthusiast of making, hacking and programming. He is active in Amateur Radio. He has always worked in electronics and IT field.

  H14 (pav. 8) - Giuseppe Torino

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