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Bee Your Shelf
Bee Your Shelf

Bee Your Shelf

The design idea comes from the hexagonal shape and the intention to use this shape in the creation of a modular shelf with a geometric design.
The hexagons can be connected to each other with the aid of screws, placed on each side, allowing the free composition of the shelf and the application of infinite changes to it.
The hexagonal module then allowed the creation of a whole series of elements that extend the purely aesthetic function of the composition; always starting from the hexagonal shape several supplements have been developed and others are still being designed:
- Vases;
- Lamps;
- Drawers;
Starting from the hexagonal flat shape, it was decided to play on the dimensions by creating three different hexagonal modules and alternating them with each other adding depth to the composition.
The study and design of the object were made through the 3D modeling program "Rhinoceros" which allowed us to create a more free and interesting structure.

Bee Your Shelf

Ivan Valerio Bardi e Sara Troiani

Sara Troiani was born in Genzano, on 21 June 2001. In 2015 she enrolled in the higher institute I.I.S. "Largo Brodolini" and now attends the fourth year; Always passionate about the chemical processes at the base of the realization of an object, she approaches 3D modeling and design following a course carried out in the context of the school-work alternation and financed by the Lazio region.

Ivan Valerio Bardi was born in Albano Laziale, on January 26, 1984. In 2003 he gratuated as a Surveyor at I.I.S.S. “Leon Battista Alberti”. After two years of internship at the Engineering firm Atepi srl, passionate about architectural design and design, he decides to enroll in the bachelor's Degree in Interior Architecture and Outifitting at the Ludovico Quaroni Faculty of the Univeristy of Rome “Sapienza”. During the university period he obtains the qualification to the profession of Surveyor, starting the exercise of the free profession and specializing on the activity of planning and administrative support to the commercial, tourist and industrial activities. In 2012 he earns the bachelor's Degree and in 2013 he continues his academic career by enrolling in the first level Master's Degree in Eco-sustainable Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the “Roma Tre” University. Always passionate about new technologies, it has specialized over the years in modeling, prototyping and 3D printing. In May 2015 he founded, together with other partners, the A3D LAB studio and laboratory.

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