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IDS – Intelligent Diaper Sensor
IDS – Intelligent Diaper Sensor

IDS – Intelligent Diaper Sensor

Parents devote so much attention to their baby but sometimes it is not enough to understand what they need. Here comes the idea of a diaper that is always in contact with parents, in order to know every moment of the day, through Smartphone, the hygienic conditions and the body temperature of the baby.
The project allows to change at the appropriate time the diaper of the newborn avoiding continuous checks and eventual forgetfulness and signaling in a timely manner by a visual/audible alarm the wet diaper.

IDS – Intelligent Diaper Sensor

The Diaper Dryers - IV B ITET “Rapisardi Da Vinci” - Caltanissetta

Our group consists of four students from the fourth year of ITET “Rapisardi da Vinci - Informatics and Telecomunication” of Caltanissetta. In our project, we spent our individual expertises in embedded systems programming and in the design of programmable digital elettronic circuits.

  C20 (pav. 9) - ITET Rapisardi Da Vinci - Caltanissetta

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