Exhibitors 2018

DMX over light

DMX over light is a lighting plant which can be used in theatres for performances or in discos for parties. It's based upon a home-made lighting console and other DIY stage effects like RGB strips drivers or AC dimmer for incandescent bulbs and it works by using DMX, the most used lighting communication standard. This project has been done by using a lot of trash items: a computer, some wood panels and other electronics component: this gets the ligting console to be very cheaper than a commercial one with the same features. Now this project is used for in the youth club and at home.

DMX over light

Daniele Orisio, 4An, IIS "G. Marconi", Dalmine (BG)

I'm Daniele Orisio and I'm 17. I'm attending an Electronic course in the IIS "G. Marconi" of Dalmine, a secondary school next to Bergamo. After this I will go to the university in Milan. In my free time I really like developing electronic projects as seeing home-made things working is very satisfactory.

  D35 (pav. 9) - IIS G. Marconi - Dalmine (BG)

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