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Walk-ing is a static prosthesis equipped with different types of sensors for real-time monitoring of patient posture.

An internal pressure sensor monitors the weight exerted by the patient on the artificial limb. A tilt sensor monitors the balance of the patient's leg. The electronics of the prosthesis is powered by an internal battery that can be recharged wirelessly.

Walk-ing is a highly customizable prosthesis both in size and in aesthetic. The internal skeleton printed in 3D makes it possible to create different structures and dimensions. The external part, on the other hand, is made of medical silicone for easily customizable both in shape and color.

The data generated by the prosthesis can be viewed on an application for Android smartphones or on a graphical interface for computers. The data can also be saved to keep an "archive" of the use of the prosthesis.


DAM Bros Robotics

The DAM Bros Robotics is a social promotion association that deals with research, development and divulging in the fields of robotics, electronics, information technology, mechanics, automation and rapid prototyping. We Organize workshops, technical courses and other practical activities. We often participates in Robotics, Electronics, Computing and other technology-related competitions. It also carries out no-profit social utility activities in various sectors including the Technological, Scientific and Cultural sectors.

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