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Task Abile is a free application for smartphone and tablet on Android devices.
It aims to help people with autism or neuro developmental disorders to learn logical sequences using pictures or photos in order to improve their spontaneous communication in situations of everyday life.
Task Abile is an app easy to use, intuitive and adaptable to the specific needs of people with disorders of their comunicative and social skills, like people with autism who are not able to communicate their basic needs.
The application allows to manage , in a simple and easy way, a communicative and planning system of daily activities and task analysis.


Angsa Veneto

Angsa is a no profit association of Italian parents of autistic children and adults.

It was founded on 16th February in Siena.

It is committed at helping the families with autistic children / subjects
in order to
* guarantee their rights to a timely diagnosis and specific medical and
educational treatments;
* give adults a chance to have a suitable occupation according to their skills;
* promote social inclusion and a dignified life, as autonomous as possible;
* spread correct informations about autism as well as the results of the latest
scientific researches validated by national and international studies using
the Media and the Angsa Bulletin .

Angsa also cooperates with Public Institutions in charge of medical and educational treatments and Social Services.

It organizes seminars, conventions, training and upgrading courses about Autism.

It takes part in projects with the partnership of European Associations

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