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Ready for Ternary?
Ready for Ternary?

Ready for Ternary?

The project aims to give an instrument to explore, what we call, the "galaxy" of ternary logic.
It consists of a hardware and a software part.
Things are like this in the TERNARY system:

1) Monadic functions: 3 ^ 3 = 27.
2) Diadic Functions: 3 ^ 9 = 19'683 !!!

We believe that no one has ever ventured into the complete exploration of such a large number of dyadic functions (dyadic gates), also due to the lack, to date, of logical components that work on three levels (ternary).
In this galaxy of possible components, the majority of them, has neither a symbol nor a name, so we decided to make two cards that can be interfaced with Arduino or Raspberry that allow you to explore, through the use of an oscilloscope:

1) all twenty-seven logic ternary ports at an input and an output;
2) all twenty thousand gates with two inputs.

Each of the two boards consists of a single logic gate, obtained through the use of the DG403 component which realizes a mux 3: 1 for monadic and 9: 1 for the diadic and the appropriate generators of Trit (ternary variable).
By programming, from time to time, the truth table of the mux you can get all the logic gates mentioned above. Finally, by appropriately programming the input ternary signals (Trit) it is possible to display and study the output waveforms from which to obtain useful information on a possible use thereof in the future design of circuits boards in ternary logic.

Ready for Ternary?

Giuseppe Talarico e Claudio La Rosa

Giuseppe Talarico:
I’ m from Catanzaro. I’ m a telecommunications engineer, graduated at the Naples’ University “Federico II” in the 1979. I worked, as analog designer engineer, at “Telettra” (FIATgroup) Vimercate (MI) in the Terrestrial Radio-Link Laboratory and, as digital designer engineer, at the Terrestrial Space Division of “Selenia Spazio” (IRI group) Misterbianco – Catania (today: SELEX Communications ). I worked, as system engineer, at the initial fase of the ITALSAT satellite project with Selenia Spazio and M/A-COM-D.C.C. (today:Hughes Network Systems) in GermanTown (Washington D.C. U.S.A.). I was a member of the Selenia Spazio team that tested at Milton Keynes (England) the DSI (Digital Speech Interpolation) for Telespazio. I was a member of the Selenia Spazio team that installed, for TELESPAZIO (IRI group), the M/A-COM-DCC TDMA–INTELSAT/EUTELSAT station at the Fucino AVEZZANO (AQ) and at GERA LARIO (CO). I was also a Computer Teacher Tutor at the “C.U.D.” of Calabria University of Cosenza. Not for long yet, I’m a computer teacher at the”ITST” ” E. Scalfaro” – Catanzaro.

Claudio la Rosa
Developer in different languages, also low level (x86, MIPS, MOS 6502, MC68000) and for different environments, including .NET and WinRT.
Passionate about computer architectures and innovative microprocessor technologies.
Currently Teacher (ITP - Insegnate Tecnico-Pratico) at ITIS "P. Hensemberger" of Monza (Italy).

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