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Treevoice is a spiring project “made in Italy” that takes advantage of the huge amount of data from “things” to carry out prevention over the time. Our mission is "creating added value with the Internet of Things", offering more knowledge and awareness through continuous monitoring of infrastructures, to make the places in which we live, not only more innovative, but also safer.
Our goal is to develop flexible IOT solutions for environmental monitoring in the smart cities. With the scope of preventing dangerous events through capillary acquisition, transmission, processing and analysis over the time.


Gianni Alessandroni

The idea stems from an intuition of Gianni Alessandroni, CEO of the innovative Startup and System Architect, his role is to guide all the technical development of the solution. Moreover, Treevoice is reinforced, attributable to the collaboration of a qualified team, composed of: Nicola Di Donato (COO, Chief Operating Officer, manages the aspects related to the organization), Sara Loi (CMO, Marketing Manager, takes care of the image and the communication), Hamidreza Azali (Solution Architect /Software Engineer application developer) and Daniele (Computer Engineer, develops prototypes and supports programming).

  D31 (pav. 4) - Treevoice

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