Exhibitors 2018



I present electronic boards to be assembled, equipped with microcontrollers, components, schematics and instructions, so that users can learn electronics and feel the satisfaction of making geek and useful things.
For the curiosity of my Makers friends, all the boards are made in order to allow the programming and the modification of the original software.
All prototypes allow the setting of customized parameters via a web interface.
The prototypes I propose are:
- remote control via GSM
- datalogger on SD card,
- weather station accessible via web page
- WIFI switch controlled via web page


Gianluca Ciuffreda

Graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1997, Gianluca is currently employed in a leading multinational railway company. Gianluca has gained experience in the areas of electrical maintenance and automation in major industrial companies.
Gianluca is passionate about the Internet of Things and Home Automation and enjoys to develop projects and build prototypes that anyone can use.

  E3 (pav. 8)
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