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fotografia antica, in chiave moderna
fotografia antica, in chiave moderna

fotografia antica, in chiave moderna

Completely hand-made, the BOMMs are artisanally crafted camera and they are conceived with the purpose of re-applying once-used processes to the making of Large Format Cameras. Each and every piece, whether came from a carpenter’s stock or local steel shops, is lovingly cured by our hands. The wood is carefully sourced, thoroughly selected and finally assembled with a crossed texture. Only after its stability has been verified we execute all further manufacturing steps, such as shaping and mechanical assembly.

We use two materials for the metallic parts, aluminum and stainless steel. Where the former is within our specs for weight, semaless integration with the final finishing, the latter wll ensure higher resistance while keeping our high standard for the final look.

fotografia antica, in chiave moderna

Massimiliano Acanfora

Massimiliano was born in Rome in 1971. After graduating as industrial drawer, he has mastered and executed several projects and works, enriching his own culture and skillsets from each of them. For more than 15 years he has designed and worked with CAD, specializing in 3D mechanical modeling. His capabilities and knowledge have made success in several and challenging projects, such as Air control traffic towers, metal structures for emergency evacuations, re-furbishing of historical buildings, metallic furniture and heavy metallic structures, and other works in the field of home furnishing.
The passion for artisanal craft and care has lately merged with his passion for wood artefacts and analogue photography. The merging of this latter, together with the outstanding and long experience of Manuel, gave birth of the BOMM camera line.

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