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MEM il robot didattico
MEM il robot didattico

MEM il robot didattico

MEM the educational robot to teach the coding and the principles of robotics! unleash your creativity: imagine, invent, create and program!

Use the universal connectors in the kit to join compatible lego and technic constructions with cardboard, plastic and wood, hook the shield motors that houses MicroBit and start programming! you can use different types of engines and servos, hooking them in a simple way, the choice will depend on the project!

With the robot will be provided a handy manual that contains exercises and educational paths based on age group. MEM is usable in primary, secondary first and second level schools. (5-18 years). MEM is an Italian educational platform, uses one of the most used microcontrollers in the world and allows you to connect several sensors to expand the projects that can be achieved.

 MEM is used to transform many of the unplugged coding games offered by italmaker into robotic coding games. We will present the FIFI version of MEM in which the youngest children can program the robot by sequentially inserting instructions through a remote control programmed with microbit, optional of the MEM kit. The SPQR version in which the robot will take the form of an ancient Roman chariot to demonstrate the versatility of the robot that can be used as an interdisciplinary tool to explain history as well. Finally, for the older children of the secondary school, the MEM sensor is programmable in Python with many sensors that are easy to integrate from a software point of view and simple to connect with our special connectors.
The user manual, the didactic material and the experimentation of the M.E.M. educational kit will be conducted by the students of the scientific high school of applied sciences with biomedical curvature of Rome PIO IX, in collaboration with the TEAM of eturweb.it
The M.E.M platform will be available in kits for families and schools, thanks to the collaboration of the Robotics-3D company in Rome.

MEM il robot didattico

Emiliano Gatti, Fabio Ferrarini, Paolo Cirinei

Emiliano Gatti: Maker, IT engineer, teacher, expert in mobile technologies and web application creation, over 30 years of experience in the IT sector. Currently president of the Italmaker association, organizer of various events and projects to disseminate digital culture starting from children in primary and secondary schools. Creator of educational kits to explain coding and educational robotics. The inventors play !, playing is created, they discover and learn new things.

After several researches Fabio Ferrarini succeeded in his dream as an artist, transforming portraits and landscapes into works of art. The related software creates different graphic motifs (textures), formed by a sequence of intricate lines, the mathematical precision, usually applied in programming, acquires an irrational randomness here. The resulting effect is twofold depending on the distance from which the work is observed: closely you see a tangle of lines, while from a distance the tangle acquires the shape of the original image in its light-dark and three-dimensional depth. This is the summary of a life dedicated to technology, today the maker gets involved with his skills to collaborate in the creation of educational kits for children.
Paolo Cirinei: Manager - Business Development - Business Startupper - Entrepreneur - Account Manager - Inventor - Maker More than 15 years on startup and managing of Company (finance, resources, projects) in Healtcare, Supply Chain, Security, Business Intelligence, Telco. Now Executive and Project Manager of Catenate IT, a company of European group(Switzerland,Germany, Bulgaria,Netherland ), focused on TIBCO and WEB technology.

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