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Egg-o is a multi-functional object designed to improve the lives of refugee children.
Its distinctive shape makes it convenient to carry and easily assemble anywhere.
Egg-o is based on the idea of a simple object to serve multiple functions, that follows the growth of the child.First a swinging cradle, then a baby back carriers and finally a rocking chair to play.
While the elastic fabricof Egg-o provides comfort and support to the baby, the interlocking mechanism allows for a quick and easy assembly.
Egg-o is also a social project that gives the refugees a chance to contribute their community and foster their integration.
Providing employment to the refugees through the production of Egg-o help to improve their self-sufficiency and their will of independence.



Daniele Volante

Born in Formia on 17/01/1987, Degree in Science of Architecture at Roma Tre University, Master Degree in Urban Design.

Architect and designet fascinated by five senses topic, he focused his research in this field with several experiences abroad /Turkey, Netherlands, United States).
He has done workshops, competitions and a experimental thesis in ITU (Istanbul Technical University) based on the topic of megacities measurement trough sound frequences.
This were the experiences that influenced him the most.

Besides the research on five senses he has always been involved in social activities and projects envolving refugees, health deseases, environment and pollution, becoming active member of Imprendilab (Social Entremprenship Laboratory) of University of Cassino.

Some of his projects are :

-Five Senses Heling Garden for Palliative Care in Tora.
-The Ribbon – Gymnastic Exercise benches
-Kaleidoscope Ecological Pavillion in Central Park, New York
- The Leaf / Floating Research Center for depuration of Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia
- Zefira – the bench that plays trought the wind

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