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Registratore autonomo ultrasonico

Registratore autonomo ultrasonico

Ultramic384k can work as USB ultrasonic microphone or as unattended recorder
When connected to a smartphone, PC or tablet is works as an high speed (ultrasonic recorder)
When a micro SD card is inserted inside the microphone it works as an autonomous recoder configurable via Bluetooth.
Many features are available such as scheduling, trigger, filter etc.
There are many applicatoin fields such as:
- Wildlife ultrasonic monitoring (bats, cetaceans, insects)
- Pharmacological studies on mice
- Industrial predective monitoring
- Leak detection
- Soundtrack audio effects


Registratore autonomo ultrasonico

Ivano Pelicella, Clemente Di Caprio

1993 degree on Biology
Since 2003 owner of Dodotronic, working on audio and ultrasonic devices

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