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Horgonic The soul of sound

Horgonic is a self-produced design object, that wants to tell life through electronic components, where the single components interact with each other and with the viewer. The object with a functional design is a morpho-chromatic emotional amplifier with thermionic valves, which reproduces music from digital sources, such as smartphones and tablets. It is an handmade object, where past, future, art and technology come together to spread music from high quality liquid sources. The strenght points are the innovative design, the high quality of the sound (released by the class A tubes) and the chromatic flows visible during the listening that add to the vibrations of the music the pleasure of observing a design artefact that it is adapted to the mood of the individual spectator. An object therefore with a functional design that communicates with our emotions. A multi-sensorial musical experience, which combines visual, tactile and acoustic sensations in an esoteric condensation plate container, derived from the orgonic theories of William Reich. The version presented in 2018 is completed with the newly built audio speakers with plasma tweeters and the possibility of interacting with playlists to listen to natural language. People will have the opportunity to respond, through a cognitive computing APP, to the questions that will be posed by Horgonic, who will select the songs of liquid music that best suit the individual mood of the person.

Horgonic The soul of sound

Fabio Romoli

Fabio Romoli, born in '59, is an Italian starupper, founder of the Consevo Network, an IT company based in Rome. Almost four years ago, in his home, he started creating an object that merges his two great passions: music and electronics. thus Horgonic is born, an object with a functional design, that blends past and present technology.

  D21 (pav. 4) - Consevo Network srl

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