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DIS - Design Italian Shoes
DIS - Design Italian Shoes

DIS - Design Italian Shoes

DIS is a web platform to create 100% Made in Italy personalized footwear. Thanks to its 3D configurator, the customer can create his own personalized shoe among more than 50 million combinations, also personalizing it with his own name. The shoe is produced in 10 working days by master craftsmen in the Marche region, the heart of the footwear district.
The service is available online at www.dis.shoes and offline in selected shops where you can try on shoes, see exhibit samples and touch the materials.

DIS - Design Italian Shoes

Andrea Carpineti, Francesco Carpineti, Michele Luconi

Andrea Carpineti, PHD in Business Economics, CEO, in the past Business Consultant in Strategy and HR
Francesco Carpineti, CCO, in the past Sales Manager at ilGergo
Michele Luconi, CTO, President of e-xtrategy srl

  C12 (pav. 8)
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