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Rifò - A traditional yet innovative circular economy

We produce high-quality products, 100% made with upcycled textile fibers and made in Italy (In Prato).

Thanks to a mechanical and craftsmanship process developed in the textile district of Prato (our city) more than 100 years ago, we are able to turn fabric leftovers into new accessories and clothes with identical qualities to the original products, this process is technically called regenerating textile fibers.

This method allows us to upcycle the leftovers and sensibly reduce the amount of water and chemical products used in the production.

Rifò - A traditional yet innovative circular economy


Rifò and its products, made with 100% regenerated cashmere and wool, tell the story of the city of Prato, an Italian textile district worldwide renowned for regenerating textile fibers. It also originates from the discovery of its designer Niccolò, who, after almost three years in China, Vietnam and India, realized the extent of overproduction in the clothing industry as well. Inspired by the profits of the “Made in Italy 3.0”, Rifò has become the story of Niccolo’s team, which dreams to build a traditional yet innovative circular economy.

  F18 (pav. 6) - Rifò

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