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Nakefit -Adhesive Foot Soles-
Nakefit -Adhesive Foot Soles-

Nakefit -Adhesive Foot Soles-

Our company manufactures and markets an innovative adhesive sole that is applied to the bare foot. Our mission is to optimize the experience of being barefoot, protecting them and preventing any problems that may arise: hot surfaces, superficial cuts, fungi and bacteria, slips ...
We imagine a world where people can enjoy the benefits of barefooting without worries and anxieties. A fundamental characteristic of our "minimal shoes" is the imperceptibility, you really have the feeling of not having them on your feet. The experience and the physical / sensory benefits of being barefoot are in no way affected, indeed, the awareness of having a "second skin" that protects your feet let you feel even more free to relax and enjoy direct contact with the ground and nature.
NakeFit and its team are driven by the idea that innovation often emerges as a solution to common issues.
Simple and targeted products can make a huge difference in our everyday lives.
We are constantly striving to reach this goal with passion, dedication and a bit of unconventional thinking."
The revolutionary NakeFit adhesive foot-sole was invented & designed by our Founder, Mr. Sabato Alterio. Together with his first investor Michele Di Lauro, he finalized the original prototype in early 2017.
Soon after, they launched a 2-month Kickstarter campaign, with the support of Bonus Lab. The results were amazing: more than € 295.000 was collected from more than 6.000 backers!
Following the sensational results of our Kickstarter campaign and intrigued by the innovative concept pionereed by NakeFit, thousands of reviews have been published worldwide by various media outlets, journals, magazines and blogs.
Just to name a few of these: Independent, Daily Mail, Corriere Della Sera, Focus, Cosmopolitan,...
In the past year we have been able to consolidate a well-mixed and committed team to continue growing this concept.
We are delivering all the rewards, waiting for the backers feedback to be sure on what have to be improved.
We envision a world where personal wellbeing and leisure time will play an increasingly important role in each person’s life.
The freedom to experience the world, while enabling close contact and interaction with our worldly surroundings, shall certainly enhance our everyday activities, whilst making each moment more comfortable and enjoyable.


Nakefit -Adhesive Foot Soles-

Nakefit Team

The NakeFit Team is primarily composed by young and dynamic professionals, each one with their distinctive background, expertise, capabilities, all of which is coordinated by experienced managers and entrepreneurs.

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