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Visible Light Communication
Visible Light Communication

Visible Light Communication

Do you like to open the garage without a remote control but by using the car headlights?
Or talk to the driver in the car behind us?
Or to chat to a near person without knowing his/her social network nickname or phone number?
With our solution you can do it. We use special devices that let people and things to communicate through visible light emitted by a special torch, a car headlight or a light spot (light beacon).

Visible Light Communication

Francesco Fusco, Daniele Sabatini, Stefano Sabatini, Bitjam

Francesco Fusco: a creative with a degree in physics in the background and a deep passion for technology.
Daniele Sabatini and his brother Stefano are very expert in digital technologies and Internet Of Things. Every idea becomes reality with them.
Bitjam, a startup with innovative solutions in Customer Engagement, Internet Of Things or Enhanced Communications (like visible light communication)

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