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The hydroponic cultivation technique represents the future of cultivation. The SmartGreen project consists in the realization of a small automated hydroponic indoor greenhouse with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, monitored by a camera. The greenhouse can be controlled by a specific Android app or by a Telegram bot able to read the operating values, check the greenhouse status and send notifications in order to grow plants fast and with high quality.. The bot was developed in collaboration with the Makerspace of the Public Library of Fabriano (AN).

The project was born as part of the Product Design course at the school ISÄ, Älmhult (Sweden).


Martino Colciago

My name is Martino, I was born 13 years ago and I lived my first 12 years in a small city in the center of Italy near Fabriano (AN).
I'm very passionate of LEGO; I use it for building all kind of mechanisms. I exhibited one of my projects at Brick and Build Porto San Giorgio 2016.
I was a Mentor of Coderdojo Sigillo and I am proud to be part of the Public Library Makerspace of Fabriano (AN). I have participated since the beginning in all Maker Faire.
Last year my family moved to Sweden and I, happily, moved with them.

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