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Weather information for airplane pilots
Weather information for airplane pilots

Weather information for airplane pilots

EMMA offers a first solution to European pilots of Ultralights and General Aviation aircrafts, continuosly requesting availability of aviation weather forecast for flight planing purpose and real time meteo data updating in flight. EMMA will make use of Galileo/GPS constellation for navigation, European Earth Observation satelite METEOSAT for specific meteo data (in the future by SENTINEL). The strategic partners are Centro EPSON Meteo (meteo data availability), IDS INGEGNERIA DEI SISTEMI (new airborne modem), TELESPAZIO (satellite communication service) CAP Lazio (flight test). The long term vision is the system certification.

Weather information for airplane pilots


The company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Rome, ltaly, is an innovative start-up composed of a multidisciplinary team of engineers dedicated to satellite meteorological data processing & transmission, meteorological forecast at high resolution, meteorological webserver database development.
The company shareholders professional contributions, with experiences gained in institutional and private organizations, have allowed to conduct the first autonomous research project in aeronautical field, with the scope to offer a weather service for flight plan and during the navigation to the Ultralight and General Aviation aircrafts world.

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