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Materiali tessili derivati da sottoprodotti

This project is focused on the valorization of by-products and wastes from agriculture and farming. The theme is connected to the concept of sustainable economy through environmental friendly processes and by new materials from renewable sources. Textile fibers from pineapple leaves can be industrially interesting to satisfy the lack of cellulosic fibers. While, a large amount of wool is not suitable for the textile industry due to its poor quality. The proteins obtained from this by-product, can be processed by electrospinning to produce nanofibers membranes for filtration.

Materiali tessili derivati da sottoprodotti


Riccardo Andrea Carletto is a researcher at CNR-ISMAC in Biella. His research interest focuses on the production of new textile materials from renewable sources and valorization of industrial by-products, textile nanomaterials and process innovation

  B6 (pav. 6) - CNR

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