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PROUD	  PROtecting Ubiquitous Devices

PROUD PROtecting Ubiquitous Devices

The advent of the IoT and the Industry 4.0 paradigm are paving the way towards a smart world, where ubiquitous sensors, actuators, and networks cooperate to buil a distributed intelligence. This ubiquitous intelligence will change the computing landscape and, at the same time, opens several cyber-threats scenarios originally designed for classic information technology, drawing the attention to the serious risks for the modern control networks. This project aims at presenting different smart secure devices developed during the course of Cyber Physical Systems at the University of Roma Tre.

PROUD	  PROtecting Ubiquitous Devices

Federica Pascucci and CPS Alumni

Federica Pascucci is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering of the University of Roma Tre. She received the MS in Computer Science and Automation Engineering (2000) from the University of Roma Tre and the PhD in System Engineering (2004) from the University of Rome "La Sapienza''. Her research interests include wireless sensor networks, cyber physical systems, industrial control systems, and critical infrastructure protection.

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