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360LOCK - smart multifunctional padlock
360LOCK - smart multifunctional padlock

360LOCK - smart multifunctional padlock

The smart is dedicated to the consumer market. The modular design allow to provide specific accessories to serve a wide range of applications. Furthermore the algorithmes for data protection are based on new innovative process and on the blockchain paradigms.
Unique Selling Point:
- one device for several accessories for vertical applications as bike, security key case, keyless padlock by modules (patent pending);
- advanced crypto data security supported by blockchain algorithms.

360LOCK - smart multifunctional padlock


4STORM is a new hi-tech company. Our vision is to provide technology solutions that improve sportsmen’s experience and daily life of professional operators.
Our vision is to bring up new, innovative, technological solutions, inspired by the product's exclusive design, intuition and reliability.
The competitive advantage relies on the Italian industrial design culture, on the technology know-how, on the access to high standard technologies, patents and flexibility in approaching high niche markets.
In 2018 we'll launch more than 2 products that have been under development and testing for the last 2 years. These will be empowered with artificial intelligence functions and blockchain standards.

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