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Cartalana is an independent jewelry brand with an eco-friendly soul.
Cartalana targets to the woman of today: careful about what surrounds her, she loves beauty in all its forms and promotes sustainable fashion, yearning for a well-tuned relationship with herself, environment and people.
Completely handmade with recycled paper (and not only), Cartalana creations feature essential and geometrical design. They are enriched by semi-precious stones and are environmentally-friendly.
Every gesture, every step leading to our paper jewels creation is at the same time a tribute and inspiration to Nature, that regenerates itself.
Cartalana jewels express the owners' personality, every piece is crafted individually and slowness is part of its uniqueness.
Our jewels are 100% made in Italy.


Marcella Stilo

Marcella Stilo, born in 1983.
He is a classical teacher and undertakes university studies in communication.
For several years he has been involved in marketing and public relations for events related to the world of cinema, theater, visual arts, publishing and fashion.
In 2012 he embarked on a new creative path and founded the Cartalana brand.
Later, he attended the course in Jewelery Design at the Poli.Design in Milan.

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