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MAKE a CHANGE is a fab lab for social inclusion, a safe and apposite place for adults with autism.
The objects produced are designed for individuals with disabilities. These objects have various functions such as tools to support therapies and rehabilitation and toys that are specifically intended for individuals with intellectual disability. Furthermore, these tools are custom-built for individuals with complex neurological disorders, cognitive disorders, motor skills disorders and behavioural and communication disorders.
This fab lab was born within the ‘ASSOCIAZIONE PETER PAN’ of Cagliari in collaboration with CONFARTIGIANATO, l’ISTITUTO DI NEUROPSICHIATRIA INFANTILE UNICA and l’URBANLAB del Dipartimento di Architettura, design and urbanistica UNISS.


ASSOCIAZIONE PETER PAN ONLUS - Cagliari in collaborazione con CONFARTIGIANATO, ISTITUTO DI NEUROPSICHIATRIA INFANTILE, UNICA e URBANLAB, Dipartimento di Architettura, design e urbanistica UNISS.


The 11th of May 2000, 16 families who have children with autism and/or other debilitating neurological disorders founded the association so called ‘Peter Pan Onlus’.
Our ‘social reason/aim’ concerns individuals with autism who often present different comorbidities and intellectual, cognitive, motor and behavioural disorders.
The stakeholders are mainly people with autism but also family members and professionals such as neuropsychiatrists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, professional educators and teachers.
Today the Peter Pan association comprises of 24 volunteers’ families’ members and 14 permanent employees. Precisely, the latter are 10 psychologists and professional educators who have specific training for autism.

Since the 6th of May 2013, we are members of the Italian Institute of Donation (IID). The latter is an organization that certifies the clear and effective use of funds collected in order to protect the rights of the donor.
Our financial statements are subject to checks by the auditor and inspectors, which are annually sent by the IID.
We have agreements with the universities of Rome Tre, Roma Tor Vergata and Cagliari. Thanks to these agreements/partnerships we offer training placements for students and graduates in Educational Science and Psychology.
Likewise, we have an agreement in order to offer training placements for the students of the ISCUM ‘Istituto Europeo per lo Studio del Comportamento Umano’.
Since the 30th of November 2015, we are affiliated with the Presidency of the Court of Cagliari. Therefore, we offer work public service placements for individuals who are sentenced to community services.
We are consultants for SOGAGER, company focused on management of the airport ‘Cagliari Elmas’. We provide training to airport ground staff who assists individuals with special needs related to autism.
Our main lines of action are:

direct services and special education for people with autism through the "Peter Pan House", with the prospect of creating an "after us" in the future;
We offer autism trainings through courses, seminars and conferences (also at international level).
Activities aimed at sensiting others about autism through games, sports events and the literary festival ‘Culture in equilibrio’ sponsored by Peter Pan Onlus.
Fundraising events such as dinners, markets and much more.

‘The house of Peter Pan’.

As the children grew up, new needs became crucial: some of them have learned to walk alone, while others still need a lot of support. Our children are becoming adults and consequently, their necessities are changing. For this reason, thinking about our children’s adulthood, gave rise to our biggest and most challenging project was born: ‘La Casa di Peter Pan/The House of Peter Pan’. This house is entirely dedicated to adolescents and adults with autism. It is born to support their needs, to maintaining their cognitive and social skills, to improve their independence and their work potential. Therefore, ‘La Casa di Peter Pan’ aims to offer to these adults and adolescents the best possible quality of life.

Today ‘La casa di Peter Pan’ offers service to 23 adolescents and adults with autism, 14 employees specifically 1 coordinator and 9 psychologists and educators. There are weaving, ceramic, cooking, arts and recycled paper laboratories where our children learn new skills supported by our team.
Our children do physical activity - under the guidance of a cooperative of instructors/ highly trained coaches provided by a third party -who have special competences.
In 2019, the new fabrication laboratory MAKE a CHANGE will be inaugurated.

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