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Rockets Makers

For years, the Sapienza Space Propulsion Lab offers the possibility for Aerospace Engineering students to design, implement and launch mini-rockets!
Through materials easily available, a black powder engine and calculation tools, such as Matlab and Open Rocket, we have created mini-rockets and participated in a competition completing the mission: to ensure that the rocket landed in conditions to safeguard the precious payload: in our case, a hard-boiled egg.
In addition to entertainment, the activities we do give us the opportunity to replicate in very small-scale systems of common use in the aerospace sector, to design and test platforms that can find useful applications in various sectors, in particular the science and testing of technologies and of materials in conditions that are not easily replicable.

Rockets Makers

Laboratorio di Propulsione Spaziale della Sapienza

We are a dozen students of the Sapienza Aerospace Engineering course who this year, in the third year of the triennial, participated at the Space Propulsion Laboratory, designing and realizing mini-rockets launched in a competition!

  F11 (pav. 5) - Laboratorio di Propulsione Spaziale della Sapienza

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