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Wenda - food integrity tracking

Wenda empowers the food chain with a shared, plug&play platform to track the integrity of food in the distribution, knowing how much and when the food has been stressed. It's enabled by IoT and blockchain technologies conceived for any food & beverage product.
Wenda had multiple international corporate prizes and it's part of important food ecosystems; it has two investors and it's now in fundraising.
Join our vision! Tackling Food Losses and Safety challenges, to increase end-to-end supply chain visibility and create more trust among stakeholders, with a special attention to the final consumer.

Wenda - food integrity tracking

Antonio Catapano, Andrea Monterumisi, Luca Boarini, Mattia Nanetti

Antonio Catapano - CEO & Cofounder: MBA and electronic engineer, he is entrepreneur since 25+ yrs, leading its company and getting big companies as clients and partners. He also as a 4 yrs experience in in Magneti Marelli.
Andrea Monterumisi - CTO & Cofounder: Accomplished Senior Program Manager in every aspect of hardware and embedded firmware development has managed projects for large corporates and developed high tech products.
Luca Boarini - Pre and after sales: Food Economics graduated, since one year he deals with supporting clients and with the product validation.
Mattia Nanetti - CGO & Cofounder: Innovation management at Politecnico di Milano Business school, food mktg graduated. Since the very beginning of Wenda he contributed to position it in the market also developing strategic networks and deals.

  E7 (pav. 4) - Antonio Catapano, Andrea Monterumisi, Luca Boarini, Mattia Nanetti

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