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Track Track

"Track Track" has been designed by students of the ITS Apulia Digital Maker for the ITS 4.0 project, made in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ca' Foscari University. The project used the Design Thinking methodology to empathize the needs of the "personas" of "Open Agri 4.0", an open system to manage agricolture data. Track Track has been developed using the "BIB" board based on Arduino and ready to communicate over the SigFox IOT network. Track Track case has been designed and printed in 3D, specifically made to host the "BIB" board. The User Interface is web-based and responsive.

Track Track

ITS Apulia Digital Maker

ITS Apulia Digital Maker is a school of innovation to answer the growing need of workers with high tech skills. Our area of training include Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, 3D animation, drones and coding and many more.

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