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Just feed Respondo with your FAQ and corresponding answers, and that’s it! You can easily manage and update them by using a simple control panel. Your customers will be provided with a search engine on the web or directly on their smartphones to ask questions in natural language, as they were talking to a call center operator. Thanks to the semantic technology of QuestionCube, Respondo will understand the user question and will search for the most similar ones already available in the repository of certified FAQ. The user has just to read the answers associated to the relevant questions retrieved.



We are a company grounded on the 10-years expertise of our leading researchers working on Natural Language Processing and Semantic Search Technologies.
Our strong background drives the development of innovative technologies for natural language understanding which allow us to support any public or private Organizations dealing with large collections of documents.
QuestionCube products definitely support after-sales services, as well as simple searching within Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or more complex knowledge seeking within the know-how of the Organization.

The key feature of our products is that they help users to search for the information they need by making questions as they were interacting with a human being.

Don’t search, just ask!

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