Seamless Shoes & App
Seamless Shoes & App

Seamless Shoes & App "La mia scarpa"

Seamless technology innovates the world of fashion and sport shoes: this revolution makes lightweight shoes and it improves their performances: seamless shoes are comfortable for every situations.
This specific technology is fundamental to create a shoes upper very quickly (from 5 to 8 minutes); this shoes upper is totally customizable in according to client needs and it can be realized with innovated yarns.
Thanks to “La mia scarpa” App, people could realize their custom and unique sneaker: it is possible to choose yarn type, yarn colour, texture, shoes laces colour or to customize shoes with logos or pictures taken by a smarthphone.


Seamless Shoes & App

ITS Machina Lonati

ITS Machina Lonati is an High Education Institute post-degree in the fields of fashion and design, strictly connected with business world.
ITS Machina Lonati is the development of MACHINA Lonati Fashion and Design Institute, an industrial fashion institute located in Brescia: the first professional High Education Institute in Italy focused on applied research. Theschool aim was to connect work and school.
Thanks to the great collaboration between ITS Machina Lonati and companies, this institution allows students to live innovative experiences.
In particular thanks to the collaboration with Lonati Spa and Santoni Spa – which are two of the founding partners “Accessori per la moda” course students had the opportunity to experiment the innovative seamless technology applied to the shoes world.

Stand C8 (pav. 9) - Unioncamere - ITS Machina Lonati

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