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The main objective is the inclusion of subjects with physical and /or cognitive limitations, through the planning and building of aids specifically designed to solve problems related to navigation and disability at sea.
The output allows a joystick to control the rudder of a boat . The interface between the joystick and the rudder line is the Arduino microcontroller. Our choice is justified by several factors: low cost, availability of materials, flexibility.



ITS Fondazione G. Caboto (Gaeta) - Allievi del Corso "Tecnico Superiore Gestione degli apparati ed impianti di bordo" Coord. Prof. Mario Bellipanni

The project was carried out by the Engine Cadets of the Advanced Technical Course for Management of Ship Machinery and Equipment of the ITS G. Caboto Foundation of Gaeta, coordinated by Prof. Mario Bellipanni.
The students are attending a two-year course with the aim of becoming merchant navy engineering officers. The educational pathway enable them to alternate periods of training in the classroom and on-board merchant ships operating all over the world. Their training program also focuses on innovative aspects of automation and the participation in such project has allowed us to learn its practical application, as a solution to real problems.
The exciting project was also realized thanks to the collaboration of “Parente Shipyards” of Formia, which made their vessels available as well as a specific technical support.

  D14 (pav. 9) - ITS Fondazione G. Caboto (Gaeta)

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