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Smart Food Manufactoring - Cream Machine 4.0

"With a click, create, personalize and make your own cream of spreadable cream"
The prototype consists of the following phases:
1) Configuration: the jar is directly customized by the customer through a web configurator. The parameters that can be customized are: color, size, type of material, quantity of the product and variety of the product.
2) 3D Printing: the 3D printer receives customer orders and prints custom jars.
3) Filling: a scara-type robot has the task of moving the can from the 3D printer to the filling module where the cream will be dosed according to the customer's specifications.
4) Sealing: the jar is moved from the filling module to the sealing one, where a protective film for the can seal is applied.
5) Cap fixing and labeling: once the jar is moved from the sealing module, through a special mechanism the can is closed and labeled with the possibility of having a personalized label.
6) Final inspection: at the end of the production line some visual controls are provided to guarantee the quality of the product.

The main objective of the project is the direct interaction between customer and producer and the ability to give added value to a simple can; this was achieved thanks to the use of innovative technologies of the Industry 4.0.
In fact, technologies such as: virtual reality for visualization through a viewer of the entire process, 3D printing for the production of customized jars, augmented reality for the visualization of machine parameters in real time and to help staff in operations maintenance, a remote man-machine interface viewable via the web to remotely control the device and make visible process data and finally RFID sensors that allow you to trace the position of the can along the production line at any time.

Smart Food Manufactoring - Cream Machine 4.0

Luca Tencati , Luca Gaspani

Luca Tencati, already an electrotechnical expert , since July 2018 he is a superior technical for industrial automation and mechatronic systems
Luca Gaspani, already an electronic expert, since July 2018 he is a superior technician for industrial automation and mechatronic systems

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