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UP-cycling FOOD

Common foods as Milk, fruit juices and their residues, can be treated by sustainable technologies as crossflow filtration systems (membranes) in order to separate and to concentrate classes of valuable substances (proteins, sugars, vitamins, functional molecules). These systems are able to separate molecules within the target ed food matrix on the basis of their molecular weight and charge. This approach allow to obtain fractions enriched in specific classes of compounds and to develop innovative products (nutraceuticals, novel foods cosmetics , new materials) from common food raw material or from its by-products.

UP-cycling FOOD

Daniele Pizzichini, Claudio Russo, Gianpaolo Leone

Daniele Pizzichini is a Biotechnologist. He gained his degree in Molecular Biology in 2003 on the topic of “metabolic engineering of carotenoids in Potato” at University of Rome La Sapienza and obtained the PhD in 2008 at University of L’Aquila on the “ transcriptomic of saffron” . In 2004 Daniele started a collaboration with GENELAB s.r.l. (an ENEA spin-off company), exploring the field of applied process technologies and in particular membranes filtration techniques. From 2007 he was technical director for GENELAB srl. Daniele followed many projects in the field of valorization of agronomical biomasses as milk whey, olive mill wastewaters, grape pomaces and so on. During this period Daniele participated and leaded specific activities in process research and technology transfer in collaboration with several italian industries (Oleifici Mataluni, Calatrasi Winery, Urbani tartufi), among these experiences one of the most relevant (2009-2012) was the industrialization of an ENEA patent. A prototype-plant based on membrane filtration technologies dedicated to polyphenols recoverying from olive milling by-products was designed, realized and executed in the early stages from Genelab crew. This project originated a novel Start-up Phenofarm. In the years 2013-2014, in collaboration with ENEA (department o food safety and sustainability) Daniele was involved with Granarolo company in a project of development of new milk formulations through membrane based processes. Daniele is actually Researcher at ENEA C.R. Casaccia in Rome. Is engaged in technology process research for biomass energetic and chemical valourization.

Claudio has obtained his degree in Environmental Sciences obtained at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Milan on 11.11.1998 with the Thesis on "Study of the environmental compatibility of concrete structures containing primary slag of lead and zinc as total substitute for sand" conducted at the Research Center ENEA-Casaccia from November 1997 to November 1998.
His professional experience has been gained for over 15 years in the Research Center ENEA-Casaccia of Rome as a scholarship holder ENEA, He worked on the industrial plant Phenofarm in Scandriglia (Rieti) on polyphenols extraction from olive mill waters .
The research has been focused on the development of membrane separation technologies applied in the agro-food sector to fractionate and recover high added value substances and water and/or to solve the environmental problem related to the waste water disposal, in the treatment process of industrial waste to purify and reuse water in a closed cycle and in the desalination of seawater or brackish water for civil or industrial purposes.

Dr. Gian Paolo Leone: Graduated in Chemical Engineering (1998) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". From 1999 to 2000 he worked for the Regional Council of Abruzzo taking care of the administrative tasks of the regional law number 2/97 concerning regulations about water resources. In 2000 he was hired by ENEA
Currently he is a researcher at the Laboratory Bio-products and Bio-processes focusing on the study and development of extraction processes by supercritical fluid of biomolecules from agro-food matrices (e.g. microalgae, officinal plants, buckwheat bran, flower) or on the optimization of production by supercritical technology in some sectors such as textiles and food. Gianpaolo is experienced in conducting pilot plants in supercritical and over the past few years he gained a parallel experience even in the context of membrane filtration technologies by taking part to researches about agro-industrial waste treatment (olive mill wastewaters) or about the extraction and concentration of steviol glycosides from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni leaves.

  Daniele Pizzichini, Claudio Russo, Gianpaolo Leone

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