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  • July 7, 2022
    Apple ready To lanch finger clips, according to rumors Apparently Apple is planning to produce “finger clips” for its augmented reality and VR devices.   Sounds like Apple might be [&hell...Apple looks to its ‘finger clips’...
    December 14, 2021
    Nike just bought a virtual shoe company that makes NFTs and sneakers ‘for the metaverse’ NIKE acquires RTFKT to step into the metaverse. RTFKT makes shoes too, but they only […]NIKE, Inc. Acquires RTFKT to step into the me...
    June 18, 2020
    zoos and aquariums around the world grapple with new bans on wildlife trade The robotic dolphin is so life-like that the volunteers who swam with it were shocked to learn […]Robotic dolphin solve ethical dilemma
    April 9, 2020
    How is the Industry 4.0 impacting on manufacturing business? Here's a complete guide to let you know it better. Industry 4.0’s Ultimate Impact on Manufactu...