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Biomaker at school

The biotechnology with the use of 3D printers, allows the adaptation of molecular biology lab techniques (centrifuge, stirrer, electrophoresis, spectrophotometry) to secondary school’s laboratories, by using the tools created by students. This open technology, which has gathered the first outcomes for two years now and which can be replicated on other schools in Europe, will allow to introduce biotechnology into schools with a very low budget.

Biomaker at school

Studenti frequentanti le quarte classi indirizzo Biotecnologia. KA2 Erasmus plus school project: Be a maker @ school, IIS Galileo Galilei, Jesi (AN)

The students involved in the project are attending the 4th classes of Biotechnology at the IIS Galileo Galilei, Jesi (AN). All the activities have been done under an Erasmus plus project KA2 school titled: "Be a maker at school"

  A16 (pav. 5) - IIS Galileo Galilei - Jesi (AN)

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