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HOLO - Olografia a portata di mano
HOLO - Olografia a portata di mano

HOLO - Olografia a portata di mano

HOLO is an innovative holographic system presenting 3d virtual models and allowing the interaction with them through gesture recognition. Using specific movements, you can choose a model from a defined database, move it, rotate it, zoom it in and out, etc. Presenting a 3D model in this way increases its visual impact and involves the user better.
HOLO is valuable in countless industry 4.0 sectors: professional environments or entertainment (events and auctions), Industry and Research and Development (simulations and analyses), but also cultural environments (museums and exhibitions).

HOLO - Olografia a portata di mano


Acmecubo is an innovative Startup founded at the end of 2015 and based in Rome. Acmecubo offers IT and engineering services, and promote digitalization of physical objects.
The field of application ranges from Industry, Aerospace and Defense, to Medical and Cultural Heritage, with innovative technology solutions: tactile technologies for people's orientation, sensor clusters for interferometric detection, acquisition and virtualization of physical objects, holographic presentation technologies, etc.

  H8 (pav. 6)
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