Exhibitors 2019

Hydrocarbot, a solution for the sea

In October 2018 the port of Rapallo has been destroyed by a storm with consequent ship's fuel spillage in the sea that has never been collected, thus Hydrocarbot was born.
Our robot has been designed to recover oily substances from the water surface, making them reusable and helping the ecosystem. All this thanks to a special sponge supplied by the Italian Institute of Technology.

Hydrocarbot, a solution for the sea

Giorgio Bernardini, Alberto Conte, Luca De Ponti, Tommaso Pa

We're four boys attending the scientific High school of Liceti Institute of Rapallo (GE), Italy. With this project we won the national phase of Robotics Olympics(2019) competing in the "water" category.

  B5 (pav. 9) - Team Hydrocarbot

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