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Marvel - Toys for all
Marvel - Toys for all

Marvel - Toys for all

Marvel - Toys for all is an interactive game (6+) that wants to encourage the interaction between blind kids and not, making easier to learn the braille alphabet, thanks to the "learning by doing" philosophy.
Kids will play one against another by guessing how a braille letter is composed, followed by the voice of Marvel, which will help them to improve their touch and hearing skills.
The concept reflects about two main themes, besides education: those are inclusivity and freedom.
The hole game is made through technologies like Cnc milling, 3D printing and laser cut

Marvel - Toys for all

Alessia Crova, Andrea Cattaneo, Benedetta Torti, Lorena Baiocchi, Silvia Rossetti

We are five students between 20 and 22 years old, we are attending the second years of product design at IED Milano.
We started from a university project, that soon became a functional prototype of an interactive toy, totally made from us.
We belive in the philosophy of "design for all" and that's why we wanted to challenge our-selves by designing and making a toy that could encourage the inclusivity between blind kids and not.

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