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Plioplatecarpus +
Plioplatecarpus +

Plioplatecarpus +

We are a team of set designers, programmers, 3D printer expert and paleontologists!
We are building an interactive installation prototype based on a particular specimen of mosasaur, the Plioplatecarpus.
The mosasaur model was designed to be an easily manageable installation during the assembly / disassembly operations.
Starting from the physical model of the mosasaur, interactive augmented reality experiences will be developed ("driving" the virtual model inside the maker fair!) or simply illustrating evolutionary dynamics and anatomical components.

Plioplatecarpus +

Andrea Rastelli, Graziano Pepe Muzzurru, Mina Spasenovski, Mattia Yuri Messina

Andrea Rastelli, digital designer (https://ar4dart.blogspot.com/p/about.html)
Graziano Muzzurru, 3d printing expert (http://www.gpm-stampa3d.com)
Mina Spasenovski, studentessa in arti multimediali informatiche e tecnologiche
Mattia Yuri Messina, studente in scienze naturali

  F39 (pav. 8) - Andrea Rastelli,Graziano P.Muzzurru,M.Spasenovski,M.Y.Messina

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