Exhibitors 2019

Hackability GEO

Massimo is a blind child with a hearing loss who is passionate about geography. Parents asked us to create a game that allows Massimo to touch and interact with an Italian map with touch and sounds. We have created A tactile map of Italy has buttons for each region. When the buttons are pressed, audio tracks are reproduced that describe various aspects of the region. The project is based on a printable 3D map with keys connected to a Raspberry Pi. When each key is pressed, the raspberry reproduces audio files configured inside it.

Hackability GEO

Francesco Rodighiero (Tutor), Ludovico Russo (Sviluppo Software ed Elettronica), Alessio Crivelli (progettazione 3D e Hardware), Teo Bistoni (Supporto programmazione), Daniela Meroni (Organizzazione, supporto sviluppo e collaudo), Rossella Indaco (Support

Hackability@Milano is a team made up of people with various skills: architects, designers, programmers, makers, biomechanical engineers, enthusiasts and rehabilitation and treatment experts.

  A16 (pav. 6) - Hackability, Associazione Senza Fine di Lucro

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