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MindArkanoid is the practical implementation of the project MindGames. We developed a version of Arkanoid making sure that he can be controlled by player's mind: using your own body as a controller you can be in full control of the game and you can avoid every kind of issue with others physical controllers (such as joysticks).

In addition to the two weeks we had for our internship, we continued to meet once a week in the afternoon at school to finish our projecy and to make sure everything was working. IIT allowed us to use some advanced technologies that we couldn't otherwise have used, such as the EEG helmet Emotiv Epoc+ and his own software.


Gruppo Mindgames della classe 4^Arob ITIS Delpozzo, Cuneo

Developers team:
Nicola Cucchietti
Alex Casale
Damiano Edoardo
Davide Bagnis
Christian Esposito
Andrea Carpinato
Sylla Abu
Toselli Filippo

  D28 (pav. 5)
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